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How To Choose A Blog Niche.

Now you are probably wondering, how do you choose a blog niche? And which one is better for you.

A few things to consider when looking at blog niche ideas:

What is a great subject?

What is a subject that you feel you’re very passionate about?

What is the niche subject that you can talk about for more than half an hour?

Do you think your niche subject can capture a good sized audience?

Is your niche subject cost effective?

You may need to do a bit of research, but blog niches can make money!

You’ve heard so many stories and you’ve seen the pins on Pinterest about people leaving their day jobs and making loads of money through their blogs. And while this is definitely possible, you have to start somewhere!

Don't give up there is enough luck out there for everyone. Leave your email and sign up to our Newsletter for more Ideas and ways to make money.

Stay safe and speak soon lovelies x

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