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12 Blog Post Ideas For January 2022.

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Its the start of a new year! If you’re planning your blog content, this is the time to think about creating some amazing blog posts, as well as evergreen and timely blog posts. Consider a blog post of which you are able to create more blog posts from at a subsequent date.

Think of topics that your audience will be interested in and will keeping coming back to read more interesting articles. You need to think about who your audience is and how you’ll provide them with the maximum value through your content.

Then, how will you get your content in front of the right people?

Bloggers make from $500-$20,000 depending on their marketing and writing skills, size of the target audience, and other little details to take into account.

Nevertheless, if you are good and have a way with words, then consider this option Everybody has a different story to tell and is on a different journey. If your happy with what has been discussed so far, move on to our next suggestion.

A good example would be January healthy eating, diet and exercise or maybe travel. Once you have started your first blog and completed it, continue to develop

your blogs with follow on Articles for example, Tips for best recipe dishes, five minute dishes or your favourite go to recipes. Here are some January blog ideas to start with:

  • Healthy January recipes

  • January fitness challenges

  • Help to keep good food habits

  • Start the new year in style with these fresh fashion tips

  • How to get past the January blues with these self-care tips

  • Fun things to do in January outdoors

  • How to hydrate your skin on cold January days

  • Best self-development books to read this January

  • A list of motivational quotes to help you keep your New Year resolutions

  • How to keep consistent with good habits

  • Bullet journal Ideas

  • Non- Alcoholic drinks for dry January

There are so many reasons to start a blog, maybe your looking to find your Niche, you see an opportunity to create your own business or looking for a creative outlet.

I will keep it short only to ensure you can choose the right Niche, don't rush take your time and make sure it is a topic you are confident writing about.

Build a Community.

You can build a community for your blog on social media, but you can also do so on your platform.

Encouraging comments is one of the most effective ways to do so. It could also boost your SEO ranking.

Try posting a relevant or personal question at the end of the blog post, the kind that makes readers want to contribute.

You can also include a call to action throughout or at the end of the post, asking readers to comment below with their favourite tip or their own thoughts. This is a good way to get them engaging.

Readers who feel engaged personally with your blog may be more likely to return. Its a win win situation, trust me!!

Be inspired Start today! Email us and let us know how you get on. If you want more tips and advice feel free to contact us.

Stay safe and speak soon Lovelies x

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