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10 Steps to Learning how to start a Successful Blog.

Decide what you’ll write about.

Create a blog name and URL - Choose a name you like.

Create your blog - Base it on a Topic you know or feel comfortable talking about.

Make pages for your blog.

Brainstorm and write content for your blog - For example about Diet / Health

Create an email list - Do this via making up a survey on Face book or competition. Join a few groups but choose carefully.

Start social media accounts - this may include Face book, Instagram, Whats Ap, LinkedIn and of course Pinterest etc.

Find ways to grow your blog.

Learn how to make money blogging.

Find photos for your blog - You can register with Shutterstock or Pexels who share free pictures. Or use your own pictures if you prefer.

Now, this does not have to go in the exact order. Some bloggers may choose to start their social media accounts first, and others may decide to write first. There is no right or wrong answer – do what fits you best! I decided on writing first to test how I felt and to look at the audience I would be targeting. It is quite exciting when you start to get into writing. Especially when your passion kicks in, ain't no stopping you. I can safely say a lot of bloggers fell or have felt that way.

You may find that every blogger earns money, grows their traffic, and starts blogging in slightly different ways, hence the reason I described the basic outline for how to start a successful blog. I hope you were able to understand how easy it can be to start a blog. You just need someone to give you guidance.

If you want any further information just send me any email and I will help you.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my article.

Speak soon Lovelies x

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