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18 Tips on Relieving Stress.

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Everyone Deserves to Retreat from Day- to- Day Stress. It is important to take time out of your busy Schedule for You! Take just 10 minutes to relax in a quiet place. Invest in your health. Reboot and re-energise. Be a Calmer you. Play some Relaxation Music or Read a book. Use some relaxation techniques, if you have a little longer then great, if not then don't worry just chill out! If you are feeling like you need more time then go for it and take an hour or more.

In times of profound stress, we find ourselves looking for different ways to cope with situations that are sometimes out of our control. There are so many coping strategies and techniques to use. I have discovered that music is the best thing for me. I love to sit down in complete silence and listen to music dependent on my mood.

When you feel more relaxed and in control, life is much more fun, and you aren’t tipped over the edge by triggers, like running late or an unexpected bill, and you learn to build a reserve tank, to help you prepare for life’s ups and downs.

Here are 18 Top ideas to help Relieve Stress:

  • Play Music

  • Take a walk if it is safe to do so

  • Go for a swim, good exercise too!

  • Play Badminton

  • Play Tennis

  • Meditation

  • Browse the internet

  • Stress ball

  • Shopping

  • Eat some chocolate

  • Talk to friends

  • A Night out

  • Go for a meal

  • Go to the cinema

  • DIY

  • Jogging

  • Running

  • Cooking / Baking

With so many of us struggling, especially over the past 20 months, learning how to deal with stress and truly switch off should, in my opinion, be a regular lesson for all.

Stress is the way your body responds to threats or the demands placed upon it. Stress can be in the form of mental, emotional, physical or chemical, like infections, pollution or even extremes of heat or cold. However, we most commonly use the word to mean mental and emotional stress; a feeling of unmanageable pressure.

I hope that you will take a minute or two to try one of these great methods and I hope it brings you peace and calm. Try and use one of these suggestions everyday if possible.

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